Where Can I Give Birth?

Your midwife should explain that you can choose to give at home, in a midwife-led unit or in an obstetric unit.

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Midwifery Unit

Midwifery Unit

Obstetric Unit

Antenatal care

  • 1

    Booking appointment
    There will be a discussion about antenatal screening and blood tests

  • 2

    Scan at around 12 weeks

  • 3

    16 week check

  • 4

    Scan at around 20 weeks

  • 5

    25 week check
    (if first baby)

  • 6

    28 week check

  • 7

    31 week check
    (if first baby)

  • 8

    34 week check, the appointments then
    become fortnightly until your due date

  • 9

    36 week check to
    discuss birth plan

  • 10

    38 week check

  • 11

    40 week review (due date) Further appointments will be arranged and induction options will be discussed by your midwife.

Postnatal Care

All new mums have different needs. Your care will be planned to make sure you and your baby have the support you need. Your postnatal care will be discussed with you and options of place and support by your midwife as each area offer individualised care but all have different approaches.

You will be under the maternity team until you are discharged to the health visitors; this is around day 10-14 after birth.